Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does this cost?
    As every case is different, cost is given at a flat rate after your required services are determined.
  • Do I have to appear in court?
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  • What if my spouse won't agree to a divorce?
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  • Can my spouse stop the process?
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  • What if I can't find my spouse?
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  • How much support do I have to pay -or- will I receive?
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  • When will this be over?!
    Our first meeting takes 1 to 1 & 1/2 hours depending on the complexity.  The paperwork completion from beginning to end can take anywhere from a day to several months, once again, depending on the complexity of the case and both parties.  I see the process in 4 steps (I can provide you with a court Info page that explains the 4 steps). If obtaining a divorce, there is a minimum waiting period of 6 months before your marital status is terminated, meaning you are divorced.

What We Do

We assist you in completing legal documents.

Our philosophy is that everyone should have the opportunity to make their own decisions and have their legal matters resolved at a cost they can afford.


What We Don't Do

We cannot give you legal advice or represent you in Court.

If you expect a legal battle, you should at least consult an attorney before representing yourself in the legal matter.

Proudly serving all of San Diego and Riverside County.

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