Do you need help preparing and filing legal documents?

Working with us is more affordable than hiring an attorney to handle required legal paperwork. We specialize in divorce, separations and child custody modifications.

PPS Legal Document Assistants is a legal document preparation service with over 25 years of experience providing affordable help with legal documents. Most people can and do make intelligent decisions once they know how the system works. 

If you do not feel you need legal advice or representation and do feel you can make your own decisions once informed of your legal options, then PPS Legal Document Assistants can help you with your legal matter.




Dissolution (Divorce)

Bankruptcy (Attorney Represented)

Child Custody Modifications

Child Custody & Visitation

Support Modifications

Child & Spousal Support



Nullity (Annulment)

Marital Settlement

Name Change

Legal Separation

Your initial consultation (1/2 hour) is free and our rates are very reasonable.  If needed, we have payment plans to accommodate your budget.  Please CALL or EMAIL and we can give you a fee quote. 


What We Do

We assist you in completing legal documents.

Our philosophy is that everyone should have the opportunity to make their own decisions and have their legal matters resolved at a cost they can afford.


What We Don't Do

We cannot give you legal advice or represent you in Court.

If you expect a legal battle, you should at least consult an attorney before representing yourself in the legal matter.

Proudly serving all of San Diego and Riverside County.

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